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Multicoupler by novotronik

Receiver (RX) multicoupler by novotronik are used whenever a common signal from antennas, signal generators or reference clocks has to be distributed to several radio receivers, spectrum analysers or radio scanners. Incoming signals are transmitted without attenuation losses. In addition to our standardized RF devices, we also know to convince in the realization of your individual requirements. Just send us a short request.

ULF/LF/HF (0.001 - 60 MHz)
Single 8-way RX Multicoupler

  • Naval applications
  • Extremely low start frequency
  • Superb out/out isolation

HF (1 - 30 MHz)
Single 8-way RX Multicoupler

  • Superb OIP3 and OIP2
  • Superb flatness

VHF/UHF (20 - 3000 MHz)
Single 8-way RX Multicoupler

  • cable TV
  • Electronic warfare
  • Low noise figure
  • High input power protection

Ultra-Broad-Band (20 - 8000 MHz)
Single 4-way RX Multicoupler

  • Extremely broad-band
  • Electronic warfare

L-Band (950 - 2150 MHz)
Single 8-way RX Multicoupler

  • Broadcast

Our standard: certified

As a certified aerospace and defence company, novotronik operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018 (equivalent to AS 9100D and JISQ 9100:2016 including ISO 9011:2015).

Our norm: simply better

In addition to the natural adherence to EN standards that are relevant to us, our products can also be supplied in accordance with military standards such as MIL-STD-461 or MIL-STD-810. A qualification according to RTCA/DO-160 is possible for aerospace devices.

Customized Novotronik-Solutions

We would be happy to advise you personally about our service portfolio. Please use our contact form to arrange a conultation.


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