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System integration

Never change a running system

If your software or component smoothly fulfils all tasks, your employees master every step in their sleep, and system crashes are pretty-much unheard of – then you should continue to place your trust in that system or component.

How do the individual components work together? Are there any unwanted parallel processes running on the side? Is everything stored properly? With such questions, the devil is often in the detail, and the problems often only appear after years. Our proven experts have a great deal of experience with the integration of new components in 11existing systems and already take into account their smooth integration in the development phase.

Avoid any risk when migrating existing systems and take advantage of our many years of experience with complex applications. We dive deep into the lowest programming levels or precisely analyse the construction of hardware components. In that way, we can achieve the problem-free integration of components worth keeping into a modernized system environment.

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