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Production and measuring lab

Certified quality standards for production and staff

It is our declared aim to achieve the best possible and lasting satisfaction for our customers. With our quality management system, we have the ideal tool at our disposal with which to meet such a high quality requirement. We continually improve all novotronik business processes and systematically monitor product reliability. The education and training of our employees is also a part of that, as is the integration of subcontractors in the various different processes.

Certified according to DIN 9001 and 9100 specifications
novotronik is certified according to the quality management standard DIN EN 9001 as well as DIN EN 9100 (quality management systems – requirements for organizations in aviation, aerospace and defence).

Test facility technology and test series
Manual testing of prototypes on the way to production maturity takes a lot of time and money. novotronik test facility technology enables the automation of such test series. How effective are new products and instruments? For example, components for a LAN connection: a novotronik transmitter sends test signals via the connection and independently modifies the conditions according to specifications. A receiver verifies the receipt of the signals and logs the results. For telecommunications, automotive and many other areas, novotronik switching devices simplify and optimize complex measurements, check compliance with standards and functionality.

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