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Switching unit


The switching unit is used in the test department for the processor controlled switching of RF signals in the frequency range DC … 8 GHz. The unit is equipped with 4 inputs and 16 outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 can be switched to outputs 1 … 8 and inputs 3 and 4 to the outputs 9 … 16. Each output is terminated by using a further relay.


The switching unit is housed in a 4 U 19“ subrack with very good RF shielding and consists of the following sub-assemblies:

-    relays SPDT, SP8T
-    I/O boards
-    processor board
-    LAN and IEEE488 interface
-    manual control module (optional)
-    LED status display (optional)

All the necessary power supply and earthing connections are provided at the rear.
The mains switch and the signal connections are  located on the front panel.


The unit is controlled via a LAN and IEEE488 interface and via a manual control module with a LC display and pushbuttons, located on the front panel.

Special features

The I/O boards are monitored in a processor routine.
The selected crosspoints as well as the I/O fault messages are displayed on the manual control module.
A status string can also be requested at any time via the control interface.
The unit is constructed using a modular approach utilising 19” plug-in sub-assemblies which

Technical datameasured at 25 °C
Configuration:4 switches SP8T without termination
32 switches SPDT
Switching specifications
Impedance:50 Ohm
Frequency range:DC … 8 GHz min.
Insertion loss:3.5 dB max., 2.5 dB typ.
Isolation:100 dB min.
Switching elements:failsafe relays
Switching time:15 ms max.
Switching cycles:1 million min.
Further specifications
Control:LAN and IEEE488
Manual control:LCD (4x20) and pushbuttons (3x6)
RF connectors:SMA female, 50 Ohm
Power supply:207 … 253 VAC, 47 … 63 Hz
Connector3-pin, with mains filter and fuses
Mains switch:with integrated lamp
Temperature range:
Operating0 … 50 °C
EMC:in accordance with European standard EN 61000-6-3 and EN 61000-6-1
Height4 RU
Depthabout 500 mm (without connectors)
Front panel:painted light grey (RAL 7032)