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New: Cable test unit model GTS3698

This test unit will be used for CAT 6.1 & 8.1. near and far end measurement.
Please check this data sheet to get further information about the unit GTS3698.

New: LTE handover test unit model GTA4010

This test unit will be used by mobile phone operators for test purposes at the 4G network.
Get detailed information at the datasheet GTA4010.

New: HF antenna multicoupler model GTA3650

HF antenna multicoupler in the frequency range 0.001...60 MHz. This model will replace the discontinued antenna multicoupler M/A-COM 409-03 (Cobham).
You can find further information about the GTS3650 in the data sheet.

Trade fair dates

You can find out about the novotronik products in a direct personal meeting with our technical advisor.
You can find us at the following trade fairs:

Satellite 2017

Thank you for your stop by on our booth. We are looking forward to meet you again next year on this show.